Astrological Guidance + Counseling: Half Hour Session


Partnership Reading: Skype/FaceTime (60 Minutes)

This reading examines the interplay between two individuals. We'll explore both the synastry between the two individual charts and the composite, which is a chart of the relationship itself.


Four Sessions ($25 discount per session) over Zoom or Phone to be used within the span of one year. Can be used however one desires: once a week for a month, once a quarter or whenever one feels called.

Gift Certificate: One Hour Skype/FaceTime or Phone Session

In this 60 minute session, we will explore your Natal Chart and any Progressions or Transits. Any topic can be addressed, including but not limited to relationships and career. From here, practical tools are provided for healing and self-advancement.

Baby Gift: Family Reading

This can be used either towards a 30 minute session or an emailed PDF reading, along with the child's birth chart. If you would like the latter, please email me at danielle@daniellebeinstein.com xx